Hemp Tea

Image of a table with a hemp tea service served
Image of a table with a hemp tea service served


Regular tea is stimulating, containing theine that helps activate both body and mind. Hemp tea contains CBD, so in addition to relaxing it contains other medicinal properties. In this post we will see how much this infusion can do for you.


☕ What is hemp tea?


Hemp tea is an infusion prepared by mixing dried hemp flowers with boiling water. It is a drink that brings many benefits to those who consume it, easy to prepare and even tastes good.

One thing must be clear, cannabis is fat-soluble, that is, it needs fat to be extracted. This means that the water will not extract all the medicinal components, but this does not mean that it will no longer be a therapeutic hemp tea. Terpenes and other compounds that will remain in the tea also bring benefits to our health.

However, we always recommend adding some milk, a spoonful of butter, or a spray of oil into the water to drag out all the cannabinoids. In this way you will get a more powerful and medicinal tea, although cannabinoids like this would be in their acid form, which are also medicinal.

If you want a powerful or psychoactive hemp tea you will have to decarboxylate the hemp before mixing it with the water and fats. If you are not sure how to decarboxylate cannabis I recommend you to read this article.


Image of a ready-to-drink hemp tea cup*
Image of a ready-to-drink hemp tea cup*


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✅ Which are the properties of Hemp Tea?


  1. Relaxing, very effective against muscular tension
  2. Narcotic, especially to help you sleep
  3. Sedative, unique for treating stress and anxiety
  4. Digestive, relieves stomach problems such as diarrhea, constipation or cramp
  5. Anti-inflammatory, very effective against arthritis, irritable colon or multiple sclerosis
  6. Preventive, strengthens the immune system against degenerative diseases
  7. Antidepressant, improves mood, encourages and promotes happiness


✨ How to make Hemp Tea or Infusion?


Its preparation is quick and simple, put water to heat and when it is boiling add some whole milk. Skim milk does not work, and semi-skim milk does not extract as much cannabinoids as whole milk. Then add the dried hemp flowers to the boiling water-milk mixture and stir for about 10 minutes. Then, we turn off the fire and filter the mixture with the help of a thin sieve or similar. We let it cool down for a few minutes and we have our hemp infusion ready to drink.


Infographic showing the steps to follow to prepare a hemp infusion*
Infographic showing the steps to follow to prepare a hemp infusion*



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⭐ Conclusion


Hemp tea can be your best ally to face your daily life. It is cheap, easy and quick to prepare, and it is a very healthy drink, so if you haven’t tried it you are already late.

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