Somango Haze

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Somango Haze is the ideal e-liquid for those who want to teleport to the beaches of the Caribbean because of its fruity, citrus and sweet flavor at the same time. The main actor of this flavor, as its name suggests, is the mango, accompanied by other tropical fruits such as banana and pineapple. Let’s hope you like it!


In ARAE we have at your disposal a wide variety of e-liquids with CBD of our own manufacture: Authentic Hemp, Citronella Sky, Somango Haze, Strawberry Blue or Hash CBD.

Choose your favorite!

What differentiates E-liquids with CBD from ARAE?

Our e-liquids for vaping are enriched with our own hemp terpenes, so you will enjoy the most intense and natural flavours. Taste the most original flavors and let yourself be enveloped by its aroma and flavor.

From ARAE CBD we can guarantee the high quality of our products, as we are involved in each and every one of our manufacturing processes. In addition, the use of CBD full spectrum gives our e-liquids that golden tone that sets us apart, so you can recognize us instantly.

What is CBD?

When we talk about CBD we refer to a phytocomposite that is found as the main cannabinoid in cannabis chemotypes traditionally qualified as fiber hemp. The use of this compound is fully regulated and approved by the EU, provided that its combination does not exceed 0.2% in established THC.

Data sheet:

Pack of 10 ml.

CBD Concentrations:

30 mg…3mg/ml.
600 mg…60mg/ml.

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