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Welcome to ARAE! On this occasion I would like to introduce you to our pure terpene Alpha Pinene. Alpha Pinene, like all our pure terpenes, is characterised by passing very rigorous internal and external quality controls, in addition to an extraction process (steam dragging method) that guarantees the absence of chemical substances that can alter the naturalness of the terpene and its organoleptic properties.

The purity of the Alpha Pinene terpene is 97%.


What is the taste and aroma of Alpha Pinene Terpene?

Its organoleptic properties have a lot of personality and it is certainly not suitable for any palate, its aroma is woody, very similar to turpentine with earthy notes that will leave you stunned. Its pine flavour and reminiscences of cedar wood are the icing on the cake.


Where is Alpha Pinene found naturally?

In nature the Alpha Pinene comes in two different forms, the Negative Alfa Pineno and the Positive Alfa Pineno. Negative Alpha Pinene is naturally produced by:


- European Pines

- Oranges

- Lima

- Grapefruit

- Lemons

- Sage

- Eucalyptus

- Rosemary

- Conifers


The positive Alpha Pinene is found in American pines.


What are the medicinal properties of the Terpeno Alpha Pinene?

- It is an effective memory activator because it is a non-competitive inhibitor of acetylcholinesterase in vitro in red blood cells. More specifically, according to scientific studies, the consumption of Alpha Pinene is beneficial in reducing the effects of dementia, as well as being an effective enhancer of medicines that improve memory. The ideal concentration for the application of pure terpene Alpha Pinene is 3%.

- It has anti-inflammatory properties

- It's an effective bronchodilator.

- It is an effective natural complement to medical treatment against cancer, as it has been shown that constant levels of Alpha Pinene in the body, helps reduce the tumor size and stops growth, as well as its expansion. Indispensable that you keep in mind that medical treatment is vital, this is simply a complement that enhances medical treatment.

- Scientific studies have shown its potency as a bactericide, more specifically:

S. Pyogene

Streptococcus Pneumoniae

S. Epidermidis

Staphylococcus Aureus


The varieties of cannabis that contain this terpene are mostly:


- White Widow by Dinafem Seeds

- Trainwreck by Green House Seeds

- Super Silver Haze by Green House Seeds

- Jack Herer of Sensi Seeds

- Himalaya Gold by Green House Seeds

- White Shark by Green House Seeds

- Arjan Haze #2 of Green House Seeds

- Arjan Haze #3 from Green House Seeds

- Arjan Haze of Green House seeds


Discover the impressive qualities of our pure terpene Alpha Pinene, with the quality guarantee provided by our numerous quality controls, as well as our extraction methods that guarantee the absence of chemical substances.


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