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Beta Pinene

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Beta Pinene is considered a monoterpene, more concretely together with the Alpha Pinene it is another of the isomers that compose the Pinene, and stands out for not being soluble in water but in alcohol, something you will have to consider very much if you are going to use it for vaping.

The pure terpene Beta Pinene stands out for many qualities and I know it is ugly for us to say, but I guarantee you that all our terpenes have one of the highest degrees of purity in the market (all ARAE terpenes have 97% purity) and its quality is unparalleled.

The purity of the pure terpene Beta Pinene ARAE, is due to the fact that in its isolation it is used steam distillation method, which does not use any chemical element.


What is the taste and aroma of Beta Pinene Terpene?

The aroma of pure terpene Beta Pinene stands out for its freshness and woody notes, combined with a pine flavor that is really exceptional, ideal for vaping, creating your desserts more tasty cannabis or simply smoking with your favorite marijuana. I personally use it to vaporize, because it intensifies flavor much more than if you smoke it in the traditional way.


Where is Beta Pinene found naturally?

In nature, Beta Pinene is present in numerous conifers:


- Pine

- Alcover

- Large mugwort


What medicinal properties does Beta Pinene terpene have?

- Helps reduce anxiety periods

Studies carried out with mice have scientifically demonstrated that the consumption of Beta Pinene favours the relaxation of nervous alteration states. The mice subject of the study suffered from hyperactivity and at the conclusion of the study it could be verified that many reduced their activity levels and some even relaxed so much that they fell asleep.

- Increases immune system defenses against microbial attacks, preventing disease contraction.

- It is an effective expectorant in flu processes.

- It also has antiseptic properties in the healing of superficial wounds.


The varieties of cannabis that contain this terpene are mostly:

- Bubba Kush by Dinafem Seeds

- Chem Dawg of Humboldt Seeds

- Trainwerck by Green House Seeds


- Banana Kush by Royal Queen Seeds

- Durban Poison by Arsenal

- OG Kush by Dinafem Seeds


Discover with ARAE the pure terpene Beta Pinene, an authentic delight to give an excellence touch to your vaporizations or traditional smoked, or to garnish your meals even, because our terpenes stand out for their purity degree and their extraction method that guarantees the absence of chemical substances.


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