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Purchase already in ARAE, the pure terpene Cadinene, included within the subcategory of the bicyclic sesquiterpenes, registering a purity percentage of 93%. Following the meticulous extraction process with which we get our pure terpenes, Cadinene is obtained by the steam dragging process, which ensures that its natural composition and properties are not altered, so you can enjoy a full experience.


What is the taste and aroma of terpene Cadinene?

Its flavour is menthol, which gives it a very pleasant freshness whether you decide to vaporise or smoke the traditional joint dressed with a few drops of Cadinene, which ends with a touch of herbs and wood which is amazing.


Where is Cadinene naturally found?

In ARAE we take advantage of what mother nature gives us and this is the case of Cadinene, an element that is naturally present in the wood of the Red Juniper or in the Miera, a species of Juniperus that grows habitually in Mediterranean climates.

The Cadinene, is one of the elements that also you can find of natural form in the essential oils of cannabis, that as you well know they are specially used by smokers who look for to enjoy the medicinal properties of the mother plant.

It is also present in Wormwood and Damiana.


What medicinal properties does terpene Cadinene have?

Like all our pure terpenes, Cadinene has a number of medicinal properties very useful for those who seek refuge to their ailments in Mother Nature. The consumption of Cadinene, after numerous scientific studies has shown that it is very effective against:


- Skin rashes

- Avoiding muscle cramps

- Bronchitis

- Antioxidant

- Moisturizing


The varieties of cannabis that contain this terpene are mostly:

The Cadinene is present in all the essential oils of cannabis to be one of the sesquiterpenes that compose in greater or smaller degree the plant of cannabis Sativa L, reason why all the varieties of marijuana contain a relative degree of Cadinene.


Discover the impressive qualities of pure terpene Cadinene, a true masterpiece that you can already find available in ARAE.


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