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Welcome to ARAE! I have the pleasure of introducing you to the pure Terpene D-Limonene, whose citrus lemon flavour, combined with a few hints of orange with a sweet finish, is a real spectacle and is its main feature. The terpene D-Limonene, has been used for many years as a flavor enhancer and traditional foods aroma, a little trick used especially in baking. Delicatessen!


What is the taste and aroma of D-Limonene terpene?

Its taste as you can imagine is very citrus, if you have a very exquisite palate you can discern traces of orange and lemon, mixed with sweet notes, providing a feeling that is difficult to describe with words I'm going to vape! Do you want to come with me?


Where is D-limonene naturally found?

Like all ARAE terpenes, D-Limonene is obtained naturally, without any chemical elements, guaranteeing a natural and organic experience of pure and clean flavours.

Terpene D-Limonene is found naturally in:

- Lemon

- Orange

- Grapefruit

- Lime


To extract D-Limonene from these products, the method of steam dragging is used, without the use of chemical or toxic substances, which may alter the taste or natural aroma of the terpene.


What medicinal properties does Terpene D-Limonene have?


Antidepressant and anxiolytic

All its effects have been demonstrated in laboratories with scientific studies, more specifically a study carried out with mice, promotes social interaction and reduces inactivity periods. What better way to take advantage of the elements that nature gives us for our own benefit? Terpene D-Limonene is an effective antidepressant and highly recommended if you suffer from anxiety episodes.


Anti-inflammatory properties

The anti-inflammatory properties of terpene D-Limonene have also been demonstrated by scientific studies on humans. More specifically, the study was carried out on ROS (reactive oxygen) cells affected by leukaemia, showing that Terpene-D Limonene inhibits the production of ROS, Cytokines and deactivates the migration of eosinophils. Sounds too technical, doesn't it? In short, the consumption of D-Limonene, has proven anti-inflammatory properties, I specifically have advanced osteoarthritis problems in a knee and to relieve pain, neither tablets nor other formulas, D-Limonene daily works very well for me.



Taking D-Limonene has been shown to reduce the chances of getting cancer, more specifically breast or prostate cancer. In the worst case scenario and if you have some kind of cancer, D-Limonene intake is useful to help medical treatment (which of course is indispensable) to be more effective in the fight against cancer cells.


The varieties of cannabis that contain this terpene are mostly:

- Super Lemon Haze

- Strawberry Lemonade by Barneys Farm

- Jack Orange from Gea Seeds

- Lemon AK by Fust Buds

- 60 Day Lemon Auto by DNA Genetics


Buy pure D-Limonene Terpene from ARAE and discover first hand all the benefits derived from its consumption, without side effects and with the ARAE guarantee whose steam extraction method guarantees the absence of chemical elements.


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