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Welcome to ARAE! We know that it is difficult to choose from the wide range of pure terpenes that we have in our catalogue, but we have decided to make your choice even more complicated by creating the new pure terpene Fenchol.

Fenchol is an isomer of Borneol encompassed within the subfamily of bicyclic monoterpenes, not soluble in water, but in ether and ethanol, with 96% purity.

For its extraction and isolation we have used the steam dragging method, a technique that does not use any type of chemical element that can interact and modify the properties naturally offered by Fenchol, guaranteeing a 100% natural product.


What is the taste and aroma of terpene Fenchol?

Its taste is very sweet, and will undoubtedly change the way you vaporize and even eat, as it is fully valid in any food. I usually make a marijuana cake every Saturday my friends come to dinner, and Fenchol is one of my secret ingredients. The rest I keep for myself!


Where is terpene Fenchol found naturally?

Fenchol is naturally found in Basil, one of the most common and widely used plants in the kitchen as a spice, which always adds a very tasty touch to my dishes.


What medicinal properties does terpene Fenchol have?

The medicinal benefits of Fenchol are:


- Has Antioxidant properties

For thousands of years, Chinese culture has used Fenchol as a natural rejuvenating and antioxidant, no more rice and others. Fenchol has always been the holy grail!


- Anticarcinogen

In combination with a medical treatment against cancer, Fenchol helps to reduce the growth of cancer cells and very effective in the so-called external apoptosis.


- Fenchol is a powerful natural anticoagulant and anesthetic.

Studies carried out by independent laboratories could confirm that Fenchol had more powerful analgesic properties than lidocaine itself, but evidently this is something that pharmaceuticals do not want you to know and therefore all studies were paralyzed.


In addition, in its use in vaporizations, Fenchol increases the absorption of THC and CBD enhancing the medicinal properties attributed to them.


The varieties of cannabis that contain this terpene are mostly:

The marijuana seed that records the highest levels of Fenchol in the market is the Super Silver Haze Sensi Seeds. A variety that stands out among other things for its wonderful organoleptic properties, of which Fenchol is largely to blame.


Buy pure terpene Fenchol and get to know the medicinal properties that nature gives you.


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