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Welcome to ARAE! We present the new pure terpene Gamma Terpinene, which is not considered a terpene as such, but is a group of hydrocarbon isomers that are classified as terpenes. Of course, as with all ARAE terpenes, its origin is natural and its numerous properties and exquisite flavour have made it one of the most widely used elements in perfumery and cosmetics. A certain amount of Gamma Terpinene is also found in tobacco and some pharmaceuticals.

For its isolation, no chemical element is used that can alter the naturalness of Gamma Terpinene, as we use the method known as steam extraction, which fully respects the natural qualities of Gamma Terpinene.


What is the taste and aroma of Gamma Terpinene Terpene?

The organoleptic properties of Gamma Terpinene are marked by a lemony taste, combined with pleasant sweet touches, ideal for customizing your daily sprays or even use them in your meals. I have a secret recipe, in which I make a cake with marijuana butter, and I add a few secret touches with a few drops of Gamma Terpinene that are a spectacle.


Where is Gamma Terpinene naturally found?

Terpene Gamma Terpinene can be found naturally in:


- Cumin

- Tea tree

- Cannabis Sativa

- Oregano


As you can see, Gamma Terpinene is one of the terpenes found naturally in the marijuana plant, either in greater or lesser proportion.


What medicinal properties does Gamma Terpinene have?

The medicinal properties derived from the consumption of Gamma Terpinene, have been demonstrated by independent scientific studies that have shown empirically that Gamma Terpinene is:


- Very beneficial for the entire digestive system, as it reduces stomach cramps in gastrointestinal disorders

- Helps reduce dry and nervous cough in flu processes

- It is a potent natural antibiotic against numerous infections


The varieties of cannabis that contain this terpene are mostly:

The variety of marijuana that contains the highest Gamma Terpinene index in the entire market is the mythical Jack Herer Sensi Seeds, sure you know what I am talking about and you will be with me in that is a real delight, well, good culprit of it is the Terpene Gamma Terpinene.


Do you want to personalise your sprays as much as possible? Do you like to enjoy the magnificent medicinal properties of pure terpenes? Then you're in the right place at the right time, buy ARAE's Gamma Terpinene now!


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