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Welcome to ARAE! I am proud to present our new pure terpene, the Isopulegol! Classified in the family of monoterpenes, characterized by having two units of isoprene.

In ARAE we are obsessed with quality products, so in the creation of our pure terpenes we use the steam dragging method, which ensures the non-interference of any chemical substance that may alter the natural organoleptic properties of Isopulegol, as well as ensuring the absence of side effects in its consumption, being completely legal.

Isopulegol is one of our terpenes with the highest degree of purity, 98%.


What is the taste and aroma of Isopulegol Terpene?

Isopulegol is the chemical ancestor of menthol, so you can imagine what its taste and aroma is like, very menthol and fresh, a real delight for the senses. I usually use it in vapings to bring freshness to them and I also give it a mint touch when I make marijuana butter.


Where is Isopulegol terpene naturally found?

Isopulegol is found naturally in:


- Kumquat

- Parsley

- Alfalfa

- Lemongrass

- Eucalyptus


What medicinal properties does the terpene Isopulegol have?

The consumption of Isopulegol has associated a series of medicinal benefits, and as always in ARAE, all our pure terpenes are studied by scientific laboratories that demonstrate these claims:


- Anxiolytic

Isopulegol is a potent anxiolytic, this has been demonstrated with studies conducted in mice, which showed that exposure to Isopulegol mice had reduced their stress levels.


- Protective gas properties

In cases of ulcers induced by ethanol and indomethacin, Isopulegol has been shown to have important protective gastroprotective properties.


- Anticonvulsant properties

Isopulegol has calming properties in cases of chronic seizures, which has been demonstrated in studies with mice, decreasing the mortality rate in those who had seizures. In humans, it is very useful for reducing the frequency and intensity of epileptic seizures.


The varieties of cannabis that contain this terpene are mostly:

The variety of marijuana that contains more levels of Isopulegol, is the Kosher Tangie of DNA Genetics, an impressive variety of marijuana that stands out for its impressive flavors and aromas, which are responsible for a high percentage of Isopulegol.


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