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Already available in ARAE, one of our latest creations, the pure terpene Linalool! Linalool is classified in the subcategory of monoterpenes and do not believe that it is something that has just been discovered. We have thrown away history books, and Linalool was already known a few thousand years ago, when ancient cultures already used it to reduce anxiety attacks by chewing mint leaf.

How do we extract and concentrate Linalool? At ARAE we use the steam dragging method for the extraction of all our terpenes, as it guarantees the naturalness of the same and the non-interference of any chemical substance that may alter its organoleptic properties.

More specifically, the pure terpene Linalool is presented with a degree of purity of 95%.


What is the taste and aroma of Linalool Terpene?

The taste of Linalool is very tasty, has a floral base that combines some touches of lemony and really spectacular lavender, all with an aroma of blueberries and sweet citrus, which in case of vaporizations is a real buzz for your taste buds.


Where is Linalool naturally found?

Linalool is found in very high percentages in:


- Mint

- Laurel

- Citrus

- Birches

- Plant Cannabis Sativa L


What are the medicinal properties of Linalool Terpene?

As I have told you before, Linalool has been used by classical cultures for thousands of years as a very effective natural medicine, and independent laboratory studies have confirmed that Linalool has numerous medicinal properties such as:


- The consumption of Linalool has anti-inflammatory properties, and this has been corroborated in a study with rats in which it was demonstrated that Linalool reduced an edema caused by Carrageenan.

- Analgesic properties, I for example use it a lot for very continuous back pain that I have and that no conventional medicine can eliminate without side effects.

- Anticonvulsant, in cases of epileptic seizures or muscle spasms, Linalool has been shown to reduce the seizures intensity and promotes a frequency reduction with which they occur.

- Anti insomnia, if you have trouble sleeping, a daily dose of Linalool favors relaxation and therefore the conciliation of sleep.

- Natural anxiolytic, if you have a lot of anxiety you have to control it because it can lead to other much more serious conditions and is one of the main causes of disease in the twenty-first century. Linalool has been shown to be an effective companion in the fight against anxiety.


The varieties of cannabis that contain this terpene are mostly:


- Chemdog of Green House Seeds

- Diamond Girl from Green House Seeds

- Green House Cheese by Green House Seeds

- Green House Skunk by Green House Seeds

- Kaia Kush from Green House Seeds

- Kalashnikova by Green House Seeds

- K Train by Green House Seeds

- Super Bud by Green House Seeds


After knowing in depth the magnificent properties of the pure terpene Linalool, surely you have few doubts left, but just in case I will remind you, that in ARAE all our terpenes are at an incredible price!


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