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Welcome to ARAE! You can now find available in our catalogue of pure terpenes, the new P-Chimene. Structurally P-Cimene has a special classification, since it is an alkylbenzene that is related to a monoterpene.

The P-Chimene is extracted and isolated following the steam dragging method, a process that guarantees the terpene purity, since no type of chemical agent is used in the process, guaranteeing that the P-Chimene preserves intact both its aroma and its flavour and its marvellous medicinal effects. More specifically, a purity percentage of 97% has been achieved.


What is the taste and aroma of P-Chimene Terpene?

The taste of P-Chimene is very herbal, with touches of thyme and pine, which produce a fresh and pleasant aroma, which you enjoy to the maximum when you use it in vapings. I concretely take my Volcano Vaporizer, I carry it and throw a few drops of P-Chimene, I put on my movies and Sunday has stopped being boring.


Where is terpene P-Chimene naturally found?

P-Chimene is found naturally in the Thyme plant and in Cumin, which if you are a little kitchen you know are very used in cooking, to give flavor to stews, meats, paellas, etc. So you've already tried P-Chimene and you still didn't know it!


What medicinal properties does terpene P-Chimene have?

All our terpenes, are submitted to rigorous sanitary and qualitative controls and their medicinal benefits have been corroborated by professional and totally independent scientific studies, which have been able to prove empirically that the terpene P-Chimene is:


- An effective Antiseptic

- Powerful anti-inflammatory

- Reduces menstrual cramps

- Promotes digestive processes

- Improves blood circulation

- Disinfectant for superficial wounds


The varieties of cannabis that contain this terpene are mostly:

For cannabis lovers, we have selected the marijuana strains that contain the highest levels of P-Chimene:


- Haze Automatic 2.0 by Dinafem Seeds

- Indigo Berry Kush by Sweet Seeds

- Green Poison XL by Sweet Seeds

- Sweet Seeds Ice Cool

- Moby Dick from Dinafem Seeds



Buy now in ARAE our new pure terpene P-Chimene and personalize your vaporizations or your meals with a spectacular flavor and the medicinal benefits that Mother Nature gives us.


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