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The pure terpene Phytol, is part of the family of Diterpenes and you have to take into account that it is not soluble in water, but it does in diethyl ether and ethanol. The uses that have been given for decades to Phytol are basically in the synthetic production of vitamin E and is also widely used in the world of cosmetics, for the manufacture of shampoos and perfumes, for its impressive aroma.

In order to isolate the pure terpene Phytol, we use the steam dragging technique, which lacks chemical substances that can alter the organoleptic properties of Phytol, as well as its medicinal properties. Our aim is to achieve a 100% natural terpene, totally legal to market in any country in the world. In the case of pure terpene Phytol, is presented with a purity of 97%.


What is the taste and aroma of terpene Phytol?

Its aroma is very floral and balsamic, combined with a very fresh taste of chlorophyll with which your taste buds will be immersed in a universe of pleasure from which you will never want to emerge.


Where is terpeno phytol naturally found?

Phytol is naturally found in elements much more common than you think:


- Chlorophyll

- Milk

- The Eggs


What are the medicinal properties of terpene Phytol?

The daily consumption of Phytol, reports a series of medicinal benefits that have been demonstrated by independent scientific studies and have concluded with the following results:


- Phytol is a powerful oxygenator of the organism.

- Helps strengthen the immune system

- Helps digestive processes, reducing burning

- It has anti-cancer properties, helping medical treatments to reduce the growth of cancer cells and reducing their size.

- Anti-inflammatory


The varieties of cannabis that contain this terpene are mostly:

Surely now you are wondering what are the varieties with high content in Phytol, to enjoy its wonderful properties smoking the mother plant as God commands, and as your wishes are orders for us, we have selected for you the best varieties of marijuana with high content in Phytol:


- Wild Rose by Sweet Seeds

- Moby Dick from Dinafem Seeds

- White Russian by Serious Seeds

- White Widow by Dinafem Seeds

- Barney's Farm CBD Blue Shark

- Northern Express de Fastbuds


If Phytol terpene isn't what you're looking for, browse our wide assortment of pure terpenes, you're sure to find what you're looking for. Word of honour!


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