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You can now find available in our online store, fresh from the oven, the new pure terpene Terpineol. Terpineol is a monoterpene, which has been isolated from pine oil and petit grain oil, by means of the steam extraction method, guaranteeing the 100% naturalness of the terpene, with a total absence of side effects. The purity of Terpineol is 96%.


What is the taste and aroma of terpene Terpineol?

If you're a little bored and need a plus of flavor in your vaporizations, with Terpineol you'll break the routine. Its flavor with a base of fresh anise and a few touches of menthol, will make your taste buds go crazy with pleasure.


Where is terpene Terpineol found naturally?

The Terpineol is one of the gifts that nature has given us and is present in:


- Pine

- Cajaput

- Petit Grain


What are the medicinal properties of Terpene Terpineol?

Scientific studies show that the consumption of Terpineol has a number of medicinal benefits:


- Analgesic against pain and powerful anti-inflammatory

- It is a great ally against insomnia, perfect for forgetting the stress of everyday routine and being able to fall asleep like a baby.

- It has protective effects at the gastric level, preventing the appearance of ulcers.


The varieties of cannabis that contain this terpene are mostly:

In ARAE as lovers of the marijuana of all the life, we have taken the freedom to select for you, the best seeds of marijuana that contain Terpineol:


- BC Bud Depot Fire OG

- Skywalker OG Private Reserve



In ARAE we are concerned that each and every one of our products comply with the highest requirements, so they pass the most exhaustive quality controls in the market, as well as all safety standards established by law so that its selling is fully legal.


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