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ARAE presents the new pure terpene Terpinolene. In our emphasis on having the most complete catalogue of pure terpenes in the net, we have created this new pure terpene with the high quality standards that we guaranted and, of course, maintaining its naturalness intact. For this we use a method of extraction without chemical agents, the steam dragging method, with which the natural organoleptic properties of Terpinolene will be maintained.

Terpinolene is commonly used in the cosmetics industry for the manufacture of perfumes and creams, in addition of course to be a pleasant flavoring with which many dishes are seasoned kitchen.

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What is the taste and aroma of Terpene Terpinolene?

When you try Terpinolene for the first time, the face is astonishing, because a pleasant pine flavor with some earthy touches, hit your taste buds with a right hook that knocks them out from the first moment. Also as a curiosity, Terpinolene is one of the main terpenes and is common to marijuana plants.


Where is Terpene Terpinolene found naturally?

Terpinolene is found naturally in:


- Tea tree

- Conifers

- Apples

- Cumin

- Sage

- Rosemary

- The lilacs


What are the medicinal properties of Terpene Terpinene?

Like all the pure terpenes in our catalogue, Terpinene has medicinal properties that have been corroborated by scientific studies in external laboratories. If you are a lover of natural medicine you should know that Terpinolene is medically recommended as:


- Antioxidant to keep the body in full shape

- It is a powerful ally in the fight against cancer cells, as long as it is combined with a specific medical treatment.

- Helps you fall asleep during periods of transient insomnia

- Antibacterial, so it helps the improvement of the immune system


The varieties of cannabis that contain this terpene are mostly:


- Jack Herer of Sensi Seeds

- Royal Jack Auto from Royal Queen Seeds

- Pineapple Kush by Royal Queen Seeds

- Royal Queen Seeds Somango

- Royal Queen Seeds Haze Berry

- Lemon Shining Silver Haze by Royal Queen Seeds

- Fruit Spirit by Royal Queen Seeds


Don't let this fantastic opportunity pass you by and take it with you. Our new pure terpene Terpinolene!


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