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We know that you are here because you are looking for something exclusive, a terpene that is capable of satisfying your wide expectations, that is also 100% natural and that has passed all the quality tests, and although this is more typical of science fiction, in ARAE we have achieved it and we have created the new pure terpene Valencene.

Valencene is classified within the family of sesquiterpenes, and is not soluble in water, only in diethyl ether and ethanol. Like all the terpenes in our catalogue, the Valencene has undergone the most exhaustive quality tests, which corroborate its quality and safety in use, without reporting a single side effect.

To extract Valencene, at ARAE we use the steam dragging method, which does not use a single chemical element, keeping intact the flavour and aroma that Valencene has naturally.


What is the taste and aroma of Valencene terpene?

Its taste is very citrus, orange mixed with sweet touches, simply ideal for anything you want, either vaporize with e-liquids, grass, etc.. An experience of those that make school and that cannot be absent in your private dispensary.


Where is Valencene terpene naturally found?

Surely you have wondered if its name is coincidental and the answer is no, because Valencene can only be found naturally from Valencian oranges, from where it is extracted, providing that incomparable taste.


What medicinal properties does Valencene terpene have?

Like the consumption of oranges, Valencene has a number of medicinal properties.


- It's a potent diuretic.

- Has antioxidant properties

- Anticancer in combination with the treatment that has been specified by the specialist doctor.

- Has anti-inflammatory properties

- Hydrates the skin and gives a healthier image

- It is an effective prevention of degenerative diseases


The varieties of cannabis that contain this terpene are mostly:


- Citro Haze de Helvetic Seeds

- Ramses of Pyramid Seeds

- Chem OG of Female Seeds

- Auto American Pie de Pyramid Seeds

- Michka Regular from Sensi Seeds


If you are a lover of Valencian oranges, you are about to live a tasting experience that you will not easily forget. Do you dare to try the pure terpene Valencene?


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