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ARAE CBD Oil Serum

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The purest Cannabidiol skin care oil on the market is now available from ARAE. Now you can benefit from the healing, moisturizing and rejuvenating properties in the easiest and most natural way.

What is CBD Serum Oil?

The oil of CBD Serum is a product made with hemp extract, 100% natural, rich in cannabidiol. Its composition is 90% hemp seed oil rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 and all the rest CBD. There are different types of CBD concentrations: 2.5%, 5% and 10%, designed for different needs, as there are people who with 2.5% already notice a great improvement and others need up to 10%.

The product for topical use comes in a practical 10ml bottle, with a dosing cap for greater precision in its use. This is the easiest way to use cannabidiol oil, as you can measure the amount of product based on the number of drops you need each time.

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CBD Serum Oil Properties

Cannabidiol has many beneficial health properties, but if we focus only on properties for the skin, the following stand out:

  1. Anti-inflammatory
  2. Soothing
  3. Healing
  4. Antibacterial
  5. Antioxidant

What are the benefits?

The daily use of the ARAE’s CBD-rich serum improves the health of the users who use it, especially those who suffer from the following ailments or diseases:

  • Psoriasis: It is a disease that accelerates the life cycle of skin cells, causing them to accumulate rapidly on the surface of the skin, forming scales and redness that cause pain and itching. The CBD Serum, applied directly to the surface to be treated, manages to balance these cells, slowing down the process without damaging the skin.
  • Ulcers or sores on the skin: These are lesions that affect the lower tissue of the skin, resulting from prolonged pressure and usually covering bony parts, such as fingers, ankles, heels, elbows ... It is a painful feeling, and since they usually arise in joint areas, the process of skin regeneration is slower, so that healing takes much longer. By using CBD serum on the affected area, we will achieve that the tissue regenerates more effectively, due to its healing power.
  • Acne: This is a very common skin disorder, especially in adolescence, and occurs when hair follicles become clogged with oil and dead skin cells, causing blackheads that end up becoming pimples with pus. Thanks to the antibacterial power of CBD Serum oil used regularly, we will achieve greater skin cleanliness by preventing the generation of excess sebum, thus preventing the formation of pores. Also due to its healing power we will avoid pimple marks on our face.
  • Osteoarthritis, arthritis, muscle pain and chronic pain: Unfortunately, there are many different types of joint pain, including pain caused by a fall or overwork, and pain caused by age, such as arthritis. They all have a common denominator and that is the pain that any such injury causes. ARAE Serum, applied to the affected areas, will significantly relieve the pain, on the one hand because of its anti-inflammatory property and on the other because of its calming power.
  • Skin: The cosmetic type is another of the benefits that our oil has, thanks to its antioxidant components we can improve our skin health, smoothing and rejuvenating our face and thanks to its anti-inflammatory power, reduce bags and dark circles. Its use would be applying two or three drops of the Serum on the face in the morning and at night. If you have acne, it is better to use it only at night.
  • For the hair: Another cosmetic benefit of CBD Serum is at a hair level. Both for hair loss problems, as well as split ends or even frizz. Its use is very simple, just apply a few drops of CBD Serum oil in the palm of your hand and distribute it on the wet hair.

How do you use it?

Its use is cutaneous, hence the Serum format, since with this type of formula we get a greater assimilation of cannabinoid assets, being a lighter texture, it is absorbed more quickly and reach the deepest layers of our skin without leaving a feeling of stickiness.

It is advisable to keep the package in a cool and dry place, protected from sunlight and away from strong odors or aggressive products, such as solvents, cleaning products, etc... It is advisable to keep it in the fridge, so the anti-inflammatory and soothing power will be more pleasant thanks to the cold.

Buy CBD oil online at the best price

At ARAE we are very proud to be able to offer the market the purest CBD oil in serum format on the market, and it is not us who say so. After many tests from various clients with different pathologies, we came to the conclusion that our serum with 2.5% CBD is more effective than other brands' oils with higher concentration. 

We have the approval of the Spanish drug agency and our product has successfully completed the most demanding quality tests, so be careful when buying cannabidiol serum because there are some products that do not meet the minimum health requirements. Be safe and buy the CBD oil from ARAE.


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