Welcome to ARAE! I am pleased to present the new signing for our catalogue of pure terpenes, the Humulene terpene. If we know... Another one for such a wide catalogue? We can't stand still! We have developed this new terpene with all our love and with the desire to live up to your expectations!

Humulene, belongs to the subclass of Sesquiterpenes and is present in the cannabis plant Sativa L, so it is present to a greater or lesser degree in all marijuana seeds on the market. Humulene is responsible for the smell of the mother plant and we love smokers so much and now in its pure terpene version. You can enjoy it for whatever you want!

At ARAE, we always work to ensure that our terpenes are 100% natural, which is why we use the steam extraction method, thus guaranteeing that the terpene in question does not undergo any chemical alteration and does not produce any secondary effect on its consumption.

Price €47.50

The function of terpenes is to provide plants with their aromatic and medicinal properties. For millions of years, varieties such as mint, lavender and cannabis have developed these molecules as a natural adaptive mechanism. Now it is possible to buy quality terpenes to enhance the taste of your extractions and resins.

Why buy ARAE terpenes?

We only offer you completely ecological products. You can mix them with your bases and e-liquids for a more satisfying experience. And at the best price! ARAE terpenes are produced in a completely natural way, using the supercritical CO2 technique, which is 100% environmentally friendly. Only in this way can we provide you with a top quality product with the best value for money. Through a continuous process of research and improvement of the extraction processes, we offer you a wide variety of marijuana terpenes:

  • Myrcene. It is the most common in different varieties of marijuana. Its smell is similar to that of cloves and has relaxing properties.
  • Lemonene. With a penetrating citrus scent, it is proven to promote concentration and reduce anxiety.
  • Karyphilene. It is found in different herbs and spices such as black pepper, providing a subtle and unmistakable aroma.
  • Pinene. It is present in pines and firs, giving them that familiar smell. It has beneficial properties for the respiratory system.
  • Borneol. It has a mint and camphor aroma and has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine for its therapeutic properties.
  • Terpinol. It smells like lilacs, apple blossoms and lime blossoms. Enhances the sedative effects of some strains of cannabis.
  • Linalool. It has a floral lavender scent and its anti-cancer properties are currently being studied.

Terpenes in the food industry

Due to their 100% natural origin, terpenes are approved and widely used as aromatic ingredients in many foods. They are non-toxic and flavoring substances and are therefore widely used in the food industry and in the manufacture of perfumes. Also, in cleaning products such as bleach or dishwasher, and in aromatherapy products.

Medicinal properties of terpenes

Terpenes are not only responsible for taste, but also modulate and complement the effects of marijuana. Some of them actually enhance THC, while others attenuate it. In addition, in synergy with this and other cannabinoids, they provide benefits for many ailments. For example, oncological processes, diseases of the digestive and respiratory system. Also, anxiety, insomnia, loss of appetite associated with periods of convalescence, hypertension, epilepsy, pain, inflammation and infection.

How to use terpenes?

Terpenes are ideal for enhancing the smell and taste of your resin extractions, cannabis oil preparations or other preparations such as butter, sauces or candies. You can experiment with the properties of terpenes in combination with different varieties of marijuana to modulate their effects. For example, linalol may enhance the sedative effect of some genetics, and lemonella may add a more stimulating touch. Buy your terpenes online and enjoy a personalized and unique experience!

On the other hand, the terpenes can be dissolved in e-liquid bases to guarantee an incomparable taste without psychoactive effects. You can also use them in different preparations of essential oils for aromatherapy, benefiting from their therapeutic properties.

Order now and enjoy the properties of the terpenes from the comfort of your home. We guarantee you at all times quality products, totally natural and organic, in a wide variety capable of satisfying all your needs and providing you with incomparable sensations. Whether you’re a beginner or already know the properties of cannabis terpenes, this is your place!