Citronella Sky

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Citronella Sky: for lovers of a more traditional marijuana taste.

You know the Super Lemon Haze? I'm sure you do, since it's one of the most prize-winning genetics in the Cannabis Cup. If you are a purist who likes the traditional taste of marijuana and also want to add a touch of lemon, we recommend this option. Its taste is difficult to forget due to the combination of CBD and several terpenes, obtaining a great gustatory power.

In ARAE we have at your disposal a wide variety of e-liquids with CBD of our own manufacture: Authentic Hemp, Citronella Sky, Somango Haze, Strawberry Blue or Hash CBD.

Choose your favorite!

What differentiates E liquids with CBD from ARAE?

In ARAE we are committed to quality and experience, so our products are produced following a rigorous process of preparation in which we certify batch by batch the concentrations and compositions of each of our e-liquids.

Our plating liquids are made using CBD full spectrum as raw material, which gives them that characteristic golden colour by which you can recognise us. In addition, we use extracts from industrial hemp varieties certified in the European register of varieties, and enrich them with the most exclusive terpenes so that you can taste the most famous cannabis varieties.

All without an ounce of nicotine! You have to try them!

What is CBD?

You’ve surely heard about CBD thousands of times. When we talk about CBD, we refer to a phytocomposite that is found as the main cannabinoid in cannabis chemotypes traditionally qualified as fiber hemp. The use of this compound is fully regulated and approved by the EU, provided that its combination does not exceed 0.2% in established THC.

Data sheet:

Pack of 10 ml.

CBD Concentrations:

30 mg…3mg/ml.
600 mg…60mg/ml.

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