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The pure terpene Alpha Bisabolol developed by ARAE stands out for its naturality and the absence of chemical products since we use the method of dragging extraction, to guarantee the full naturality and integrity of the terpene. The pure terpene Alpha Bisabolol is included in the sesquiterpenes subclass, ideal for dissolving in ethanol, as it is not very soluble in water or glycerin.

Alpha Bisabolol can be completely unknown to most people, but if you are a little curious and like to read the products composition you buy regularly, you will have noticed that Alpha Bisabolol terpene is commonly used in cosmetic products, especially in body creams or shampoos for its impressive moisturizing principles.

The purity level of ARAE's pure terpene Alpha Bisabolol stands at 93%.


What is the taste and aroma of Alpha Bisabolol terpene?

Its floral aroma with hints of coconut combined with sweet and nutty notes makes it the perfect choice for a good vaping and enjoy an experience that will take your pleasure concept to the next level.


Where is Alpha Bisabolol naturally found?

You're probably wondering where Alpha Bisabololol comes from, and indeed, like all pure ARAE terpenes, it comes from natural elements that you can often have in your pantry and not even know it. Alpha Bisabolol is naturally found in German chamomile and the Myoporum Crassifolium tree.


What are the medicinal properties of Terpene Alpha Bisabolol?

Prestigious scientific studies have shown that the consumption of Alpha Bisabolol has many medicinal benefits such as skin inflammations treatment, useful in the cleaning and sterilization of wounds, analgesic, anxiolytic and effective in the processes where episodes of temporary insomnia are suffered.

As I told you before the Terpene Alpha Bisabolol, is included in many cosmetic products related to skin or body care for its moisturizing and soothing properties ideal for sensitive skin, so you can find in most body creams or shampoos.

It is also used in anti-inflammatory creams, widely used for superficial blows for their anti-inflammatory properties.

As if all this was not enough, the consumption of Alpha Bisabolol helps to reduce stomach pains and contains antioxidant properties.


The varieties of cannabis that contain this terpene are mostly:

- Green House Seeds AMS with 3.68%

- Diamond Girl from Green House Seeds with 2.15%


ARAE's pure terpene Alpha Bisabolol meets all the safety requirements and standards of the European Union and every country in the world and has been subjected to the most demanding quality tests in the world, because at ARAE we boast of our non-negotiable commitment to quality.


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