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ARAE presents the new pure terpene from our catalogue, Camphene! Now available! Camphene is a bicyclic monoterpene, insoluble in water with a purity percentage of 96%.

All our terpenes pass intensive internal quality controls and security controls carried out by external audits, which guarantee the full consumer safety of all our terpenes. More specifically, the extraction method used to obtain Camphene terpene is the steam dragging method, without the use of chemical agents or any other substance that may alter the composition and natural properties of Camphene.


What is the taste and aroma of Camphene Terpene?

Its taste has a lot of personality, characterized by some Acre notes, with some spicy and rough notes that stay in the mouth for quite some time and that, in combination with its wet earth aroma, provide a truly unforgettable experience.


Where is Camphene naturally found?

Camphene is a very common element in many very common essential oils, which in some cases you have in the pantry at home:


- Camphor

- Citronella

- Cypress

- Orange blossoms

- Ginger

- Valerian

- Turpentine


What medicinal properties does Camphene terpene have?

The medicinal benefits derived from the consumption of Camphene are multiple and cover many fields, in fact, in ancient times, Camphene was used as a natural medicine for the treatment of bacterial and fungal infections, in addition to being an element widely used for the relief of psoriasis and eczema of the skin.

The main virtue of pure ARAE terpenes is that none of them offer side effects from their consumption, that is why they are so valued by the community of lovers of naturalistic medicine. Without going any further, a scientific study carried out in a laboratory showed that camfen was very effective for the treatment of Diabetes, which in traditional medicine is treated with a series of medicines from which side effects are derived.

From ARAE we always defend, that traditional medicine is essential for the treatment of any disease, and our pure terpenes are a complement that helps to increase their effectiveness, they will never be considered a substitute for any treatment recommended by your doctor.


The varieties of cannabis that contain this terpene are mostly:

Camphene is part of the natural chemical composition of the cannabis plant Sativa L, so to a greater or lesser extent can be found in all marijuana seeds, although the highest concentration acaparan:


- CBD Charlotte's Angel

- CBD +1:20 Feminized


Buy our pure terpene Camphene and enjoy its impressive organoleptic properties and its medicinal benefits. Let's take advantage of what Mother Nature gives us! ARAE goes with naturalness and quality!


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