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Delta 3 Carene

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The Delta 3 Careno is included in the subcategory of the bicyclic monoterpenes, with a unique propanol ring and a purity level of 93%. The pure terpene Delta 3 Carene is obtained with the well-known method of steam extraction, which does not use any chemical agent in the process, in order to preserve its organoleptic properties intact and not cause a single side effect with consumption.


What is the taste and aroma of Delta 3 Careno Terpene?

You don't know how special the pure terpene Delta 3 Carene is until you try it for yourself, a very fresh and pleasant lemony taste combined with a pine and cedar aroma, with spicy finishing touches that give it a lot of personality, are you going to miss it?


Where is Delta 3 Carene naturally located?

The delta 3 Carene is found naturally in:


- The Rosemary plant

- Cedar

- The Pine


What medicinal properties does Delta 3 Carene Terpene have?


- Promotes bone development

Independent scientific studies on mice have shown that delta 3 Carene promotes the induction of calcium, a clear sign of bone mineralization.

- It's a potent insecticide.

Spraying the skin with Carene Delta 3, is an effective mosquito repellent, more specifically studies have determined the effectiveness against S. Aegypti, Cx Quinquefasciatus and An. Gambiae.

- It's a powerful anti-inflammatory.

- Helps to regulate body fluids, such as menstruation, or reduction of nasal secretion in flu processes.

- It has a sedative effect, so it's great for saying goodbye to stress and insomnia.


The varieties of cannabis that contain this terpene are mostly:


- Ultra Arjan Haze by Green House Seeds

- Super Silver Haze by Green House Seeds

- Super Lemon Haze by Green House Seeds


We are not presumptuous, but all pure ARAE terpenes far exceed the most exhaustive quality controls on the market, both internally and externally, and we like to boast about the quality of our products, because we are so proud! Enjoy the wonderful taste of ARAE's pure Delta 3 Careno terpene!


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