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Welcome to ARAE! I am pleased to present the new signing for our catalogue of pure terpenes, the Humulene terpene. If we know... Another one for such a wide catalogue? We can't stand still! We have developed this new terpene with all our love and with the desire to live up to your expectations!

Humulene, belongs to the subclass of Sesquiterpenes and is present in the cannabis plant Sativa L, so it is present to a greater or lesser degree in all marijuana seeds on the market. Humulene is responsible for the smell of the mother plant and we love smokers so much and now in its pure terpene version. You can enjoy it for whatever you want!

At ARAE, we always work to ensure that our terpenes are 100% natural, which is why we use the steam extraction method, thus guaranteeing that the terpene in question does not undergo any chemical alteration and does not produce any secondary effect on its consumption.


What is the taste and aroma of Humulene terpene?

Humulene is the god of terpenes, responsible for the impressive cannabis aroma that is so characteristic, but even more and that you surely do not know, Humulene is responsible for the magnificent taste of one of the world's most famous drinks: Beer! Since the Hop with which the famous drink is made, contains high percentages of Humulene.


Where is terpene naturally found?

All our terpenes are extracted directly from nature, taking advantage of its wisdom and putting it at your service. In this case, Humulene is present in:

- Hops

- Common sage

- Japanese Spice

- Ginseng

- Green mint

- Ginger

- Chinese Laurel


What are the medicinal properties of terpene Humulene?

Humulene is an essential part in all medicinal herbs, in fact Humulene has been used for centuries by Chinese culture for the manufacture of multiple home remedies. As you can see, Humulene is the "Zeus" of terpenes and its medicinal properties are multiple and varied:

- Antibacterial

- It has anti-inflammatory properties,

- Contributes to slowing the expansion and reduction of cancer cells, always as a supportive treatment to that recommended by doctors.

- Powerful insect repellent if applied cutaneously

- In mild Bactilococcus Aureus infections, kills bacteria


The varieties of cannabis that contain this terpene are mostly:

- Arjan's Haze #3 from Green House Seeds - 5.55%

- Bubba Kush by Dinafem Seeds - 4.14 %

- Green House Seeds Chemdog - 6.85 %

- Green House Cheese by Green House Seeds - 8.91%

- Great White Shark by Green House Seeds - 4.90 %

- Green House Skunk by Green House Seeds - 8.49 %

- Jack Herer from Sensi Seeds - 6,20 %

- King's Kush by Green House Seeds - 4.07 %

- K Train by Green House Seeds - 4.95 %

- Super Lemon Haze by Green House Seeds - 5,84 %

- The Church of Green House Seeds - 9.90 %


Put some humulene in your life! Once you try it... Your vaporizations or your meals will never be the same again - long live Mother Nature!


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