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Now available in our store, one of our latest pure terpenes, Nerolidol! Nerolidol belongs to the subclass of sesquiterpenes, formed by two isomers Cis and Trans, which are characterized by different geometries on the central double link.

In popular culture, Nerolidol will sound familiar because it is known for its efficiency in helping the body absorb skin-applied medications more quickly.

Following the quality standards that characterize us from the rest, our pure terpene Nerolidol has been isolated following the steam extraction method, which does not use any type of chemical agent that can alter the naturalness of the terpene in question and it will not have any side effect. The pure terpene Nerolidol has a purity of 97%.


What is the taste and aroma of Nerolidol Terpene?

The most demanding palates will surrender to the greatness of the organoleptic properties of Nerolidol. Its flavour is strong, with marked pine and earthy notes, which combine with a very citrus aroma with floral notes, which also if you look well ends with a woody touch, a detail that only the most trained olfaction will be able to perceive.


Where is Nerolidol terpene naturally found?

The Nerolidol is a very common element in some plants that you can even have in your kitchen in the form of spices like:


- Neroli

- Ginger

- Jasmine

- Lavender

- Tea tree

- Lemongrass


What are the medicinal properties of Nerolidol terpene?

According to studies carried out by independent laboratories, Nerolidol has a number of medicinal properties:


- It is a powerful drugs activator, as it favors the drugs absorption that are administered through the skin, making them more effective.

- It is an effective natural anti-malarial drug, and research has shown that after 48 hours and the administration of 100 microg/ml there was a total inhibition of the young trophozoite of malaria in the schizophrenia stage.

- Anti Leishmaniasis, one of the most unwanted diseases by animal lovers, and that according to the experiments carried out, Nerolidol has been shown to reduce by 50% the growth of a wide spectrum of Leishmaniasis species, depending on the application levels.


The varieties of cannabis that contain this terpene are mostly:

If you love to smoke marijuana and right now you are wondering, are there varieties of marijuana that contain Nerolidol? Of course! And we have selected for you the ones that have the highest levels of concentration:


- Banana Kush by Royal Queen Seeds

- SFVOG by The Cali Connection

- Royal Queen Seeds Somango



Nerolidol is a terpene that has wide medicinal applications and a flavor that elevates it to the Olympus of the tastiest terpenes in our catalog, Buy now the terpene Nerolidol!


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