Authentic Hemp

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If you are a strong and intense flavor lover, this is your best option. From home grown, the hemp in this e-liquid will give you a taste power beyond your expectations. The success of this product lies in its manufacturing process, working with the most primary terpenes in its formulation, obtaining a sour and earthy taste. It won’t leave you indifferent!

In ARAE we have at your disposal a wide variety of e-liquids with CBD of our own manufacture: Authentic Hemp, Citronella Sky, Somango Haze, Strawberry Blue or Hash CBD.

Choose your favorite!

What distinguishes E liquids with CBD by ARAE?

Our E-liquids with CBD are made from proprietary hemp varieties, which are registered and certified in the European variety register.

These vaping liquids are enriched with hemp terpenes with the most original and requested aromas and flavors. Its fragrances will surround you and its flavor will conquer even the most exquisite palates.

ARAE CBD is involved in each and every step of the process of developing our products, from the cultivation of raw materials to their distribution, thus ensuring a result of excellent quality.

What is CBD?

You’ve surely heard about CBD thousands of times. When we talk about CBD, we refer to a phytocomposite that is found as the main cannabinoid in cannabis chemotypes traditionally qualified as fiber hemp. The use of this compound is fully regulated and approved by the EU, confirming that its combination does not exceed 0.2% in established THC.

Data sheet:

Pack of 10 ml.

CBD Concentrations:

30 mg…3mg/ml.
600 mg…60mg/ml.

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