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The pure terpene Eugenol, falls within the subcategory of alkylbenzenes, not soluble in water, but in Ether. You may have heard of Eugenol before, and that is that its aroma and flavor have made it a classic in the manufacture of perfumes and especially in the flavoring within the world of food, more specifically is one of the fundamental terpenes of vanilla.

At ARAE we are obsessed with quality, and for this reason our pure terpenes pass the most exhaustive quality controls, in addition to being subjected to rigorous sanitary controls by independent laboratories that guarantee their medicinal properties and their perfect legality of commercialization all over the globe.

Our particular method of steam extraction keeps the naturalness of the terpene intact, as it does not use any chemical components.


What is the aroma and taste of Eugenol Terpene?

This is the ace up our sleeve with Eugenol terpene, an impressive taste that combines a few touches of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg, which blend perfectly with an unforgettable aroma. It's ugly to have a favorite children, but undoubtedly the pure terpene Eugenol is my right eye.


Where is Eugenol naturally found?

Eugenol is found naturally in plants and spices as well known as:


- Laurel

- Nail

- Cinnamon

- Camphor

- Jamaican pepper

- Indian pepper

- Basil

- Carrot Seeds

- Marjoram

- Nutmeg

- Pennyroyal


What medicinal properties does Eugenol Terpene have?

If you are here it is because you are a lover of the medicinal benefits that Mother Nature gives us, and the pure terpene Eugenol was not going to be any less. Eugenol has undergone numerous scientific studies to corroborate and study the medicinal benefits of its daily consumption and all of them have been very conclusive, determining that the medicinal benefits of Eugenol are:


- Powerful analgesic against pain

- Antiseptic, proven natural antibiotic in diseases as complicated as malaria and tuberculosis.

- Powerful eliminator and battler against internal parasite attacks

- Helps curb diarrheal states

- Helps you fall asleep

- It's a great stomach antacid, to prevent heartburn.

- Antioxidant


The varieties of cannabis that contain this terpene are mostly:

If you are a regular cannabis smoker and would like to enjoy the properties of Eugenol by smoking the mother plant, we have taken the liberty of selecting for you the best marijuana seeds containing Eugenol:


- Amnesia Bilbo Auto

- First Lady

- Bubba Kush CBD

- Gipsy Haze

- One Love Haze


Enjoying the wonderful properties of Eugenol terpene is much less expensive than you had imagined for sure, because at ARAE we are sick of the famous proverb that says "Quality doesn't have to be expensive". Buy now!


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