Differences between Hemp and Cannabis

Image showing a hemp field and a marijuana plant
Image showing a hemp field and a marijuana plant


Since we started working in this sector, we have been asked hundreds of times if hemp is the same as cannabis. To try to clarify this issue, we have decided to create this post, to help distinguish between the two plants.


🧐 Which are the differences between hemp and cannabis?


This is one of the questions that keeps coming back to us, and it is a good question. Both are Cannabis sativa, coming from the same ancestors, but differing in some respects.

Apparently they are almost the same, changes have to do with the interests with which the human hand has selected each one. This can be seen in the quantity and quality of flowers that psychoactive cannabis creates with respect to conventional hemp.

It is interesting that hemp varieties have a fast growth and form a large amount of plant mass. For that reason these plants develop a lot of fiber and have a wide distance between knots. However commercial cannabis strains create a lot of flowers compared to the leaves and stems they produce, there are even varieties that form more bud than they can handle.

The amount of resin produced by psychoactive cannabis genetics is far above any hemp variety, at least of those certified.

Big differences between hemp and cannabis cannot be seen with the naked eye, so you would have to do two things: analyze the flowers or try them. Then you can discover the biggest difference between the two, their chemotype.

Historically, cannabis strains have been selected for higher THC content, and with low levels of the other cannabinoids. Just the opposite of hemp, which contains THC levels below 0.3% and in some cases high concentrations of CBD.


Image showing the differences between hemp and cannabis chemotype*
Image showing the differences between hemp and cannabis chemotype*


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🎯 Conclusion


Although at first sight hemp and cannabis may seem the same, there are important differences between the two as we have seen. And you, do you know other features that distinguish these 2 types of cannabis sativa?

If so, please tell us.

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