Hemp, Properties and ways of consumption

Hemp, Properties and ways of consumption
Hemp, Properties and ways of consumption


As time goes by, new medicinal properties of hemp are being discovered. For many years this plant was banned and that blocked medical research, among other things..

But since legalization began in the USA, Canada, Israel and other countries this has changed, and now no one can deny the health benefits of hemp.


⭐ Medicinal Properties of Hemp

  1. Painkiller
  2. Antispasmodic
  3. Sleeping pill
  4. Anxiolytic
  5. De-stressing
  6. Antiemetic
  7. Anti-inflammatory
  8. Neuroprotector
  9. Antioxidant


Infographics showing medicinal properties of hemp*
Infographics showing medicinal properties of hemp*


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⛳ Which are the medicinal compounds in hemp?


Hemp contains many compounds with pharmacological properties, the most important being cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Among the cannabinoids contained in hemp, CBD stands out for its multiple medical applications.

Among certified hemp varieties there are some with high levels of Cannabidiol, such as Carmagnola. The problem with these “legal” genetics is that they do not exceed the limit of 0.3% THC, the other major medicinal cannabinoid.

Lately new genetics have been stabilized that can be considered as hemp, but with a rather high percentage of CBG. This opens a new door to medicinal Hemp, as Cannabigerol has also been shown to be effective in treating or combating some ailments and diseases.

But there is more than that, everything in this plant is useful, and from the roots to the seeds everything has its beneficial properties for health.


Image representing the different medicinal compounds contained in hemp plant*
Image representing the different medicinal compounds contained in hemp plant*


✨ Ways of consuming hemp


  1. Cannabis oil: Very much in demand nowadays, it is used to treat different pains in different concentrations.
  2. CBD pills: Dried and decarboxylated flower to ingest cannabidiol.
  3. Cannabic alcohol: Special for rubbing and massaging, relaxes muscles and relieves localised pain.
  4. Cartridges to vaporize: One of the quickest ways to notice the medicinal effects of hemp is by vaporizing, which is becoming increasingly widespread.
  5. Creams, ointments and lotions: Very effective for treating pain, skin conditions, acne, burns, etc…
  6. Buds for smoking, cooking or steaming: Smoking is not the most recommended way to use hemp for medicinal purposes, but many people use dried hemp buds for consumption.



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👌 Conclusion


Hemp is the plant with the most therapeutic properties on the planet, and I would say of the universe without risk of being wrong. Every day its consumption becomes more essential, especially to cope with the stress of the current lifestyle in Western countries.

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