Hemp Tofu


Hemp Tofu is known in some countries as “Hemp-fu” or “Hefu” and is quite popular for its many benefits and ease of preparation. It has a pleasant nutty flavor and combines perfectly in both sweet and salty recipes.

Tofu is usually made from soybeans, and it’s a food that’s becoming more and more popular. Cannabic tofu is even healthier. It is made from hemp milk or directly from hemp seeds to make a superfood loaded with protein.


👌 What is Hemp Tofu?


It is similar to soy tofu, but with a more granular texture, which tends to break, so it is better to eat it scrambled than to cut it into cubes or slices. It is a very healthy and nutritious food, as it contains a high percentage of essential fatty acids.

Image showing a container with hemp seeds for crushing and preparing Hemp Tofu*
Image showing a container with hemp seeds for crushing and preparing Hemp Tofu*


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✨ How is Hemp Tofu made?


Preparing it is very simple, put 7 ounces (200 grams) of hemp seeds in soak for about 3 hours. Once this time has passed, drain, add 0.066 US gal (250 ml.) of clean water and crush them, then add another 0.066 US gal (250 ml.) of water and let the mixture rest for about 15 minutes.

So far it is the same process as to make hemp milk, but in this case we take the mixture and put it in the bain-marie, without boiling, and we leave it for about 15 minutes. We’re trying to not get it liquid. Then we let it cool down and, with the help of a thin sieve, we drain all the liquid and we can already taste our hemp tofu.


Infographic showing how to cook Hemp Tofu*
Infographic showing how to cook Hemp Tofu*


⛳ What are the benefits of Hemp Tofu?


  1. High percentage of protein, up to 33% of total weight
  2. Perfect proportion of amino acids, with extra Arginine
  3. The high content of fatty acids makes the blood more fluid and strengthens the immune function
  4. Helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure
  5. Strengthens the nervous system and cognitive functions
  6. Great contribution of Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Vitamin E and Tocopherol



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⭐ Conclusion


Consuming hemp tofu can be very beneficial to your health, even more than regular soybean tofu. Have you ever tried it? Do you have a different recipe? If so, let us know, and if you liked this post we hope you will share it.

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